Graphic Novels

Blade of the North Wind, Vol. 1

Art by Jeong Mo Yang

Written by V.R. Porter

Set in the fantastical land of Atharú, “Blade of the North Wind” tells the
coming-of-age story of a sheltered boy who must grow into a battle hardened
warrior in order to save his people from a group of bloodthirsty invaders.

The first volume of this epic tale of true bravery and valor is beautifully rendered with breathtaking, visceral imagery. The paperback is presented in a long horizontal format that highlights the unique and artful layout of its pages.


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Price: $9.99

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Jeff GN

Created, Written, and Illustrated by Travis Bundy
Colors By Chad Thomas

Everyone’s got problems. Mortgage, car payments, cat barf… but most people don’t get sucked into a parallel dimension against their will at any given moment. The Realm is a savage world filled with witches, ogres, dragons and demons. Jeff, a normal everyday guy, faces peril and death at every turn. At least there’s some busty damsels just waiting to get “saved”… if he survives.

The complete graphic novel is now available. This includes the complete  first story of Jeff and The Realm. Bonus material includes a selection of pinups and a Soundtrack CD.


Price: $17.99

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Written and Drawn by Lance Ward

Stovetop details the tragic story of Ern, a working stiff whose entire life is turned upside-down after he decides to go home from work early.


Price: $9.99

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Wayfarers Moon: The Road From Southfield

Written by Jason Janicki
Art by Leigh Kellogg
Cover by Leigh Kellogg and Lee Moyer

A high-fantasy, action adventure! Iri’s an ex-soldier and adventurer. Lily’s a young girl who recently lost her home and family. Follow their adventures as they fight bandits, crazed forest spirits, and a pair of mages, all while trying to find out who or what is trying to overthrow the Duchy of Grevaine! The first full story of an ongoing series, Wayfarer’s Moon: The Road From Southfield is 162 pages, including an extra illustrated short story, guest art by northwest artists, racial descriptions, and two full color maps!


Price: $19.95

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