Billy Love Nibbles

Billy Love Nibbles

Billy Love Nibbles is a graphic novel about a simple-minded young man (Billy) who lives in a dilapidated part of the city with his Momma. His father left when Billy was very young, and nowg  they struggle day to day just to get by. But just because they’re poor, doesn’t mean that momma isn’t going to raise Billy right. He is imbued with the ideas of treating all things smaller  than himself with gentleness and compassion and , most importantly, if you make a mistake you should apologize and make it right. Ideas like that seem unrealistic when you’re surrounded by crime, drugs and junkies all day. Billy’s world is a scary and desperate place.

That is until fate drops in and delivers a cold and hungry pug puppy into their lives. Nibbles changes everything, and now Billy doesn’t feel so alone and the world around them isn’t so bleak.

But things can change fast in the city… one day a local drug dealer, while running from a rival gang, accidentally hits Nibbles with his car. Billy’s world shatters around him and he and momma have no idea where to get the money to fix it. Billy was always taught to make things right if you make a mistake, so he decides to ask the dealer (Bump) to do the same. But when he confronts Bump, it begins a chain reaction of violent encounters that could threaten not only Billy’s life, but the lives of those around him.

But Billy knows no fear and he is unrelenting in his quest to bring his little friend back home to him. He only knows “Billy Love Nibbles” and will stop at nothing to make things right.


Price: $12.99

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