Creator's Edge Press


Q. Do you guys accept submissions?

A. Yes we do. Please look under the Submissions section of the site for the guidelines and process.

Q. Do you accept outside advertisement? If so how do I advertise through Creator’s Edge Press?

A. Creator’s Edge Press does accept outside advertising as long as it directly relates to the comic industry (i.e. conventions, events, stores, etc.). However we do NOT advertise for other publishing companies unless we are in a mutually combined licensing contract.

Q. Does Creator’s Edge Press have a booth at comic conventions?

A. As you may already know, comic conventions can be very expensive especially when there are so many to choose from. We would love to go to every convention in America, but right now we are focusing on the bigger conventions on the west coast. However, we do have representatives from Creator’s Edge that will be attending conventions in the Midwest and East Coast regions. So even though there will be no actual “booth” at some events, we will have our titles available through our reps in those areas.

Q. Can I get an artist, writer, or staff member from Creator’s Edge Press to attend an event?

A. Yes. If you would like an artist, writer, or staff member of Creator’s Edge Press to make an appearance for your convention, in-store event, book signing, speaker’s panel, or anything we will be happy to do so. Contact our marketing department at for more details on logistics etc.

Q. How do I get a job with Creator’s Edge Press?

A. Unless you are an artist, or a very good writer it will be difficult to work for us. We are a small indie company consisting of only 8 contributing partners. Needless to say we don’t have any positions available at the moment. The best way to get your foot in the door though would be to submit artwork and writing, if we like your stuff we might use you on a project. Eventually you might be chosen to be a staff writer or artist.

Q. I’m a retailer, how do I get on your distribution list?

A. First off thank you for supporting indie comics! Second, you can get all of that information by contacting our Marketing Director (

Q. Will Creator’s Edge Press publish my completed project?

A. Yes. If we believe there is a good market for your project then we would love to help you publish it, just follow the standard submission guidelines. If we are not 100% convinced that we can effectively market or promote your project we do offer a service to print your title on your own for a very reasonable and competitive price. Contact our Marketing Director ( or Publishing director ( for this service.

Q. Why go with Creator’s Edge Press for my completed project?

A. At Creator’s Edge we let our artists/writers/teams retain 100% of their product licensing. We make sure that the majority of the profits are distributed back to the people who actually create the project. Of course we are a company, and like many companies we do need to make a slight profit ourselves to cover the cost of printing, marketing, promotions, etc. Not to mention we give striving artists who are looking to break into the industry a very good platform to do so.

Q. How can you offer the artist/writer/creative team 100% retention of their product licensing without taking a loss?

A. Simple. We are not a money hungry fat cat corporation who only has dollar signs in their eyes when they see an artist or writer. We are all artists and writers and creator’s ourselves, we have all been there, which is why we created this company. The artists, writers, and creator’s are the ones that put their blood and sweat and passion into a project. We make our profit off of the distribution and cumulative sales of the overall product during our contract period with the artist. We have no interest what the artist does with their product after the initial contract requirements are met. If you want to sell your original prints, go for it. We want nothing in return, they are your prints. The only thing we will retain is digital prints so we can reprint and keep distributing your work after the first contractual print run, with your permission of course.

Q. Do you accept licensed products?

A. Yes we do. All of our information on accepting licensed material can be found in our submissions guidelines here: Submissions .

Q. Why are you guys so cool?

A. Because every day we harness the magnetic power of the Earth and focus that energy on furthering the independent comic revolution.

Q. Do you really want an indie comic revolution?

A. Yes.