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Mushroom Murders #5 is now available on Drive Thru!


The final issue is available! The last issue of the Mushroom Murders is now available on The epic conclusion is finally here! Discover the secrets of the demons of Delaware City. Pick it up now for only 99 cents! Delaware City was a peaceful little port town until its citizens started getting slaughtered! At …

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Blade of the North Wind, Vol.1 now available in Trade Paperback

Blade of the North Wind, Vol.1

Blade of the North Wind, Vol.1 now available in Trade Paperback This stunning book is now available in our online store. Set in the fantastical land of Atharú, “Blade of the North Wind” tells the coming-of-age story of a sheltered boy who must grow into a battle hardened warrior in order to save his people …

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The Edge #1, Order now from Diamond

The Edge #1

Creator’s Edge Press presents: The Edge #1 Creator’s Edge Press’ first superhero ongoing series is now in Diamond Previews Richard Tartabull IS a member of the United States Special Units. Ellis Corrosion WAS an agent in the United States Special Units…. And an early test subject for the enhanced steroid “The Edge”. The results that …

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Mushroom Murders #4 is available on Drive Thru


The Mushroom Murders Part 4: Desperate Measures in Wartime on Drive Thru Comics In the penultimate chapter of the Mushroom Murders, Chanterelle, one of the deadliest killers, targets Detective Sterling Silversmith as he scrambles to find answers before he is reduced to a pile of ash! All of your questions are answered and all the …

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Blade of the North Wind on Drive Thru!

Blade of the North Wind Vol. 1 is now available on Drive Thru Comics! The first volume of Creator’s Edge Latest epic has hit the virtual shelves over at Get you first look at this amazing visual ride now for only $1.99. The beautiful print version of this legend will be out later this …

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Mushroom Murders #3 Now Available at Drive Comics

Mushroom Murders #3

The Third Issue of the Mushroom Murders is Now Available The third volume of Chad Anderson’s thrilling tale has arrived. In the third installment of the Mushroom Murders, the mystery intensifies as Detective Sterling Silversmith and his team of psychics desperately seek answers, tying the murders back to the Civil War and realizing that all …

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Phoenix Jones Music Video

Phoenix Jones Music Video Creators Edge Press brings you a comic animation of Seattle’s own Phoenix Jones! The first-ever Phoenix Jones comic book debuts! Seattle band Quickie “guest stars” in illustrated adventure. It’s official: real-life superhero Phoenix Jones now has his very own comic-book, song, and motion comic music video! All courtesy of Seattle pop-punk …

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