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Creator’s Edge Press presents: The Edge #1

Creator’s Edge Press’ first superhero ongoing series is now in Diamond Previews

Richard Tartabull IS a member of the United States Special Units. Ellis
Corrosion WAS an agent in the United States Special Units…. And
an early test subject for the enhanced steroid “The Edge”. The results
that were hoped for: a mindless fighting machine. The true results: an
uncontrollable killing machine… “Revenant.” To answer this, Tartabull
formed a silent strike team. Their mission is to restrain or eliminate
Revenant. This is their story… but things do not always go as planned.

We have reached the next stage of Human Evolution.

It is an infection that will spread across the globe.

Welcome to “The Edge”. The Infection Spreads.

The Edge #1 is now available for order in the Diamond Previews Catalog. Talk to your local comic book shop and have them order your copy today!