Free! The Mushroom Murders #1 is now available For Free!

The First Issue of Mushroom Murders: Deaths Corridor Is Now Free

Mushroom Murders #1

Now is your chance to start the story

If you haven’t been reading The Mushroom Murders then now is your chance. With the release of the third issue, Creator’s Edge Press is making the first issue available free.

Pick it up at Drive Thru Comics now.


Delaware City was a peaceful little port town until its citizens started getting slaughtered! At the scene of each crime, all that is left is a small pile of ash and one creepy little mushroom. The police bring in two expendable detectives, Sterling Silversmith and Emerald Johnson, who are in way over their heads as they try to stop any more deaths! With ancient mysteries, demons hungering for human flesh, and an unexpected love story, the Mushroom Murders takes everything creepy and mystic about mushrooms and explodes it into an original, fast-paced, and character-driven five-issue limited series! Produced by Creator’s Edge Press, written by Chad Anderson (Marvel Comics Handbook writer) and penciled by talented cartoonist Robert Keough, the Mushroom Murders is a surefire hit with surprises in store with every turn of the page!