Phoenix Jones Music Video

Phoenix Jones Music Video

Creators Edge Press brings you a comic animation of Seattle’s own Phoenix Jones!

The first-ever Phoenix Jones comic book debuts!

Seattle band Quickie “guest stars” in illustrated adventure.
It’s official: real-life superhero Phoenix Jones now has his very own comic-book, song, and motion comic music video! All courtesy of Seattle pop-punk band Quickie.

After Quickie penned an anthem about the Emerald City crime-fighter, they commissioned talented local cartoonist Travis Bundy to illustrate a “motion-comic” featuring band-members Lou Trez (bass/vocals), Joe Wolf (guitar), and Kelly Lichtenwaldt (drums) hitting the streets with Jones. The result is a fun, stylized, tongue-in-cheek escapade that brings back childhood memories of Saturday mornings in front of the TV watching the Superfriends.

“We wanted to have fun with it,” says Trez. “It’s more Adam West than Dark Knight. But it is a sincere tribute to both Phoenix Jones and the comic-book medium.” In fact, the band is making available a panel-for-panel, digital comic-book version of the video for a limited time.

What does Phoenix Jones think of all this? The project has his official seal of approval. He and his wife, Purple Reign, even appear in a live action segment of the video. Perhaps in a tip of the hat to the Easter-egg tradition of Marvel movies, the bit is tucked away at the “end” of the video.

The official “PHOENIX JONES” music video with music by Quickie and art provided by Creator’s Edge!

You can get the music video with a pdf of the mini comic at Drive Thru Comics here: The Awesome Adventures of Phoenix Jones

About Quickie:
Quickie is a 3-piece pop-punk band from Seattle,Washington. Quickie’s songs have been featured in the show “Vampire Diaries” on CW and in the movie “Our Lips are Sealed” featuring the Olsen Twins. You might have also heard Quickie’s work on ESPN and Fox Sports.

Seattle pop-punk band Quickie is taking a stand against domestic violence by teaming up with Phoenix Jones and his wife Purple Reign.

 “Purple Reign was a victim of domestic abuse, so this is a cause that’s very personal for her,” explains Quickie’s Lou Trez. “Our hope is to spread awareness and raise money for NW Family Life.

In addition, for the next year Quickie is donating a half of the net proceeds of the “Phoenix Jones” comic book download to the Purple Reign Campaign, whose slogan is “everyday heroes against domestic abuse.”
“We are excited and honored to help out Purple Reign and give back to the community,” says Trez ” They (Purple Reign and Phoenix Jones) are amazing people making a positive difference”.