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MC’s Secret Circus is a Hit at San Diego ComiCon

July 25th, 2011

MC’s Secret Circus is a Hit at San Diego ComiCon

Ron English’s latest amazing piece of art, “Big Top Popaganda: MC’s Secret Circus” hit San Diego ComiCon this weekend. All copies were sold out within 2 minutes! This book is a hot commodity, you must get your hands on it. Your local comic book store can order more copies of this groundbreaking graphic novel, you just have to ask.

Re-Order Now at your Local Comic Book Shop through Diamond Distribution, Order Code MAY110972.

A circus clown becomes a corporate powerhouse with the aid of a helpful alien.

Ron English puts a contemporary twist on the pre-code comic aesthetic with the secret history of MC Supersized, the man who would be Ronald McDonald… if he hadn’t eaten the food. Also introducing MC’s obese alien sidekick Francis, who came to serve man… but got served. The comic, featuring parodies of comic book advertising, wacky packs, and introducing the Kursed Kids, offers a second chance at corruption for the generation of post-code consumers who were not sufficiently damaged by the comics of their youth.