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Wayfarer’s Moon Strides into Your Local Comic Shop

June 10th, 2011

Wayfarers Moon: The Road to Southfield

Jason Janicki and Leigh Kellogg from Single Edge Studios have compiled their epic fantasy into its first collected edition. A high-fantasy, action adventure! Iri’s an ex-soldier and adventurer. Lily’s a young girl who recently lost her home and family. Follow their adventures as they fight bandits, crazed forest spirits, and a pair of mages, all while trying to find out who or what is trying to overthrow the Duchy of Grevaine! The first full story of an ongoing series, Wayfarer’s Moon: The Road to Southfield is 160 pages, including an extra illustrated short story, guest art by northwest artists, racial descriptions, and two full color maps!

With “Wayfarer’s Moon,” writer Jason Janicki and artist Leigh Kellogg have embarked on both the crafting of a ripping adventure yarn and a thorough and serious effort at world-building. Either is a tough enough task, but Kellogg and Janicki have succeeded on all counts… and I’ll get them for it.
A solidly crafted fantasy tale is rare enough in comics; a comic that offers compelling characters with such precision, economy and seeming-effortlessness is even less common. Janicki has quickly established himself as a masterful hand at breathing life into his characters and building a tale filled with action, intrigue, and genuine surprises.

Kellogg’s clean draftsmanship and superior character work complement and realize Janicki’s writing to the point of symbiosis. From the first establishing shot — a literal bird’s-eye view of death and carnage, yet staged with serenity and grace — to the filigreed and ornate antechambers of Setcliff Keep, Kellogg has built a fantasy environment that is plausible, lived-in, and at the same time filled with wonders.

If “Wayfarer’s Moon” isn’t already appointment reading for you, it should be.

-Eric Trautmann (JSA Vs Kobra, Vampirella, Red Sonja)

Wayfarer’s Moon: The Road to Southfield from Single Edge Studios is available in Diamond Previews this month. Head on down to your local comic book shop and order it with product code JUN110991