2 New Titles Being Released at ZomBcon

This month, at the first ever ZomBcon, Creator’s Edge Press will be releasing two new zombie related books.

Firstly, we have  Cauliflower for Al Jordan by Chuck Messinger and Dario Reyes. A wandering zombie happens upon an overgrown garden with unexpected results. This homage to Flowers for Algernon takes the zombie concept to the next level.

Also, the premier issue of a new ongoing series ZFW: Zombies of Foreign Wars. Created by Josh ‘Bile’ Cantrell and Hopskotch Sunday, ZFW shows what a happens when stupid teenagers mess with forces beyond their control and then a group of  veterans hanging out at the local V.F.W. are assaulted by hordes of ravenous undead. Their military training kicks in and they use smart tactics and smart-mouthed comments to survive a world overrun by the ever classic zombie.

Come down to ZomBcon to get your copy right away and have it signed by the creators. More information about zombie con can also be found at

22 October, 2010    | Published by shawn.gates in News

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