Wayfarer’s Moon Collection Now Available

Wayfarer’s Moon by Jason Janicki and Leigh Kellogg now available in a collected trade paperback edition from Creator’s Edge Press.

About the Comic

Wayfarer’s Moon is a high-fantasy  online comic book set in the world of Lachryn. It follows the adventures  of Iri and Lily, as they deal with a variety of threats, both large and  small. Lachryn is our take on a fantasy world and we hope to make it  both interesting and unique. While there are elves, humans, and many  other ‘standard’ races, we are striving to make Lachryn a ‘real’ place,  where people have faults, make mistakes, and where good and evil are really just shades of grey. The ‘Wayfarer’s Moon’ itself is a star with a  fixed point in the sky, much like the ‘North Star.’ It is used by travelers to find their way.

Where To Get It

Wayfarer’s Moon is available from our online store. Or check out our list of retailer’s to see if your local retailer carries it.
Also keep your eyes peeled for Wayfarer’s Moon or Creator’s Edge Press to make an appearance at a convention in your area.

Wafarer's Moon

10 September, 2010    | Published by shawn.gates in News

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