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Dawn of a New Revolution

February 22nd, 2010

Dawn of a New Revolution




Puyallup, WA February 22, 2010 What started as a writers group in the back of a local comic book store has evolved into a groundbreaking and innovative publishing venture.  Eight individuals with a singular vision of the independent comic scene have joined together to bring their unique stories and characters to the forefront of a “spandex-clad” universe.   Each member’s distinct image of the comic industry’s future has been rolled into the creative powerhouse you will come to know as Creator’s Edge Press.

Creator’s Edge Press will be a new venue for up-and-coming writers, artists and creative minds. Established and brought to life with a singular vision: keeping independent comics independent.  The company has an extensive repertoire of creator-owned intellectual properties with a broad range of genres for all sensibilities.  Creator’s Edge has also allied itself with a handful of industry favorites such as Stephen Lindsay of “Jesus Hates Zombies” fame.   Future announcements regarding creator owned and licensed properties to come.

The company is taking an initial ‘grass-roots’ approach in production and promotion of their books.   While others are taking their printing overseas due to the increasing cost of domestic production, Creator’s Edge has chosen a local newspaper company impacted by the recession to print all of their materials.   Expect to see a representative of Creator’s Edge at many major conventions throughout the 2010 Con season.   Their first line of books will be presented at Emerald City Comicon March 13th and 14th in Seattle Washington.

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