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  • Jet City Comic Show is this weekend! Jet City started in order to fill in the void for a quality one-day show for fans and dealers. A show that will be fun and entertaining for the fans, where they will have time to browse all the dealer tables or visit with their favorite creators. Creator’s Edge Press [...]

  • Stovetop Created, Written, and Illustrated by La nce Ward Hey! Would you look at that! Another great offering from CEP in this month’s PREVIEWS! Stovetop from Lance Ward is in my words ‘The Muppets on Shrooms, with a dash of Tony Millionaire’s drunken charm’. Amazing book receives my full props!   To order your copy, just head to your local [...]

  • Jeff Graphic Novel with Bonus Soundtrack! Created, Written, and Illustrated by Travis Bundy Colors By Chad Thomas The first complete volume of Jeff is now available through Diamond Comic Distribution.  This epic story comes packaged with a Bonus Soundtrack CD filled with rocking metal from Seattle area bands. Everyone’s got problems. Mortgage, car payments, cat barf… but most people [...]

  • Thumbnail MC’s Secret Circus is a Hit at San Diego ComiCon Ron English’s latest amazing piece of art, “Big Top Popaganda: MC’s Secret Circus” hit San Diego ComiCon this weekend. All copies were sold out within 2 minutes! This book is a hot commodity, you must get your hands on it. Your local comic book store can order [...]

  • Wayfarers Moon: The Road to Southfield Jason Janicki and Leigh Kellogg from Single Edge Studios have compiled their epic fantasy into its first collected edition. A high-fantasy, action adventure! Iri’s an ex-soldier and adventurer. Lily’s a young girl who recently lost her home and family. Follow their adventures as they fight bandits, crazed forest spirits, and [...]

  • Thumbnail Josh ‘Bile’ Cantrell’s zombie extravaganza is now available for order from Diamond Distribution. Josh ‘Bile’ Cantrell and Hopscotch Sunday bring you the complete first volume story arc of America’s favorite zombie-killing, hard-drinking, and hard-cussin Veterans of Foreign Wars. Prepare yourself for the wildest zombie ride in decades as this group of rag-tag corpse killers tries to survive [...]

  • Thumbnail Introducing MC’s Secret Circus by Ron English A circus clown becomes a corporate powerhouse with the aid of a helpful alien. Ron English puts a contemporary twist on the pre-code comic aesthetic with the secret history of MC Supersized, the man who would be Ronald McDonald… if he hadn’t eaten the food. Also introducing MC’s obese alien [...]

  • Thumbnail Firstly, we would like to thank all of our fans for coming out and seeing us at Emerald City Comic Con 2011.     Highlights of the Show Stephen Lindsay flew out from New York to showcase the release of his all-ages book Warriors of the Dharuk, which he co-wrote with his 7 year old son Aiden.   [...]

  • Thumbnail CEP will have a special treat for all our fans at Emerald City Comic Con this year. This years Emerald City Comic Con is right around the corner and Creator;s Edge Press will be there with a special treat. We are teaming up with our good friends from ZomBcon to bring you exclusive ZombCon t-shirts. Come [...]

  • Thumbnail Totem Kids by Chuck Messinger is a fun look at childhood and fantasy. With beautiful art by  Dan DePaolo, Totem Kids is the tale of two young friends and a tag along learn that everything isn’t as it seems. Totem Kids is available for order at your Local Comic Book Store, just give them the Diamond Order Code: [...]

  • Ghost Lines is a noir look at brainwashing, serial killers, and becoming more than human. Created and written by Mark Bertolini, Ghost Lines is a gritty tale of murder, revenge and executing the mission. Stunning art by Carl Yonder jumps out and grabs you, drawing you into this world of intrigue and lies. Ghost Lines will [...]

  • Thumbnail New Series! ZFW #1 is now available in January’s Diamond PREVIEWS catalog, item code JAN111083. A group of  veterans hanging out at the local V.F.W. are assaulted by hordes of ravenous undead. Their military training kicks in and they use smart tactics and smart-mouthed comments to survive a world overrun by the ever classic zombie. Check out a smashing [...]

  • ThumbnailWill you survive? Are you sure? If not, then you need THE DO-IT-YOURSELF GUIDE TO SURVIVING THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE by Bud Hanzel and John Olsen. Lavishly illustrated, the Guide gives you all the information you need in order to avoid becoming zombie chow (or worse, a zombie). Some of the vital points covered are: -What is a zombie? -Where should [...]

  • ThumbnailWorld War II and Zombies! Creator’s Edge Press would like to congratulate our partner Stephen Lindsay and many of our friends on the release of FUBAR. 15 stories, 184 pages of World War II zombie pulp fiction available for $11.99. It represents several months of hard work by 19 different creators as well as letterers and pin up [...]

  • ThumbnailRon English Brings You MC’s SECRET CIRCUS MC’s Secret Circus, a new comic experience brought to you by Ron English with the help of Creator’s Edge Press is set to come out in March 2011. Synopsis Fifty some years ago, planet Earth was visited by an ambassador alien named Orion, whose insidious intent was to exploit Earth’s most [...]

  • Thumbnail Warriors of Dharuk is now available in December’s  Diamond PREVIEWS catalog, item code DEC100854. Warriors of Dharuk, co-written by Stephen Lindsay and 7-year old son Ayden, is Creator’s Edge’s first offering of an all ages title. Plucked from a young mind, this epic tale of warring koalas, samurai armadillos, and a whole crazy cast of animals will [...]

  • Thumbnail
    ZomBcon 2010 was a blast. Our debut of two new books went off amazingly and we met many new friends while there.
    Below you will see our Editor-in-Chief Chuck Messinger making time with many of the great people we met at ZomBcon.

  • ThumbnailThis month, at the first ever ZomBcon, Creator’s Edge Press will be releasing two new zombie related books. Firstly, we have  Cauliflower for Al Jordan by Chuck Messinger and Dario Reyes. A wandering zombie happens upon an overgrown garden with unexpected results. This homage to Flowers for Algernon takes the zombie concept to the next level. Also, the [...]

  • ThumbnailRick Remender and Clayton Crain At Comic Evolution Comic Evolution will be hosting a signing of tremendous force. Rick Remender and Clayton Crain will be in store to sign and converse with fans. SAT NOV 6TH 2PM RICK REMENDER UNCANNY X-FORCE PUNISHER FRANKENCASTLE FEAR AGENT CLAYTON CRAIN CARNAGE X-FORCE GHOST RIDER SPIDER-MAN Enter the $1 raffle prior to the event to [...]

  • ThumbnailJeff #1 Hits the Shelves The first issue of writer/artist Travis Bundy newest creation, Jeff, hits store shelves this week. Jeff is the story of a young man living the American dream, working a crappy job with a boss he can’t stand and coming home to an empty house that he can barley sustain. Oh, and every [...]

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