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Creator’s Edge Press

Creator’s Edge Press is a small company focused on helping independent creators print and distribute their comics and graphic novels. We strive to be a stepping stone for the early career creator that can not garner the attention of the larger publishers. We believe in helping creators to bring their work to the fore front of the public mindset and letting them expand into the greatness we know they have.

Shawn Gates

Shawn Gates
IT Administrator, Finance Officer

Shawn Gates was born and raised in the shadow of the cascade mountains in Lake Tapps, WA. He holds a bachelors degree in Digital Entertainment and Game Design. Shawn likes to blend intellectual and artistic pursuits whenever possible, he is constantly looking for new and interesting technologies to explore and apply to his life and work.

Shawn Currently lives in South Hill, WA with his new wife and their lovely kitties. Shawn designed and runs the Creator’s Edge Press website as well as his own site and others.

Travis BundyTravis Bundy
Art Director, Inventory Management, Submissions Director

Travis Bundy was born into the fragrant cultural void known as Tacoma, WA. when the moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars (i.e. 1978). He has been drawing and creating ever since he was old enough to hold a crayon. When he’s not toiling under the boot of “the man” or drinking himself into an early grave, he continues to challenge himself in all artistic endeavors. He plans to do so until he is found expired and sprawled out over his art desk. I can only imagine that the stench will be atrocious.

Currently, Travis dwells in “Fry Bread Hell” (aka Auburn, WA). He shares a lovely little home with his amazing wife, Sarah, as well as 2 dogs and 4 cats. He is also the creator of the critically acclaimed comic books “Jeff” and “Gods of the New Empire” and is the Artistic and Submissions Director for Creator’s Edge Press, an independent comic company based in the South Seattle Area.

Life is good